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Re: Consumer Finance Companies

Tuscani wrote:
You need to make decisions that improves your quality of life and situation. I could care less about the type of account or affects on my score if I am saving money and less stressed.

Very true! But I ask this specifically because it effects me directly. I try to diversify credit when opportunity knocks. Ultimately, I have room to improve my scores. If I choose to take out one of the above higher interest loan titles to try and help my score next time I need money (instead of my low apr offers available from credit cards) would these titles effect my score negatively? I would hate to pay a higher % rate "Today" by choice to find out it had the opposite effect on my score. This question hits my wallet. So you see why this question is very important to me. I am going out of my way to diversify at a cost to save lots more money later.

Thanks again in advance.
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