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Re: Consumer Finance Companies
My objective is to get at least two of my scores and two of my wife's over 720, preferably over 750, then I don't think it will make any difference what my scores are to how much anything costs me.
And I will be to the first point very soon, and the second early next year, with a total of two CCs, a gas card, a store card and a dentist's card (wife only) and a mortgage and one installment loan.  And a very low (by this boards standards) amount of available credit ($5,000 for me, $10,500 for my wife, who has this ridiclous dentist's card with a $5,500 limit to pay one $800 bill two years ago!).
I think paying bills over time and having low utilization does more for the score than all the fiddling around in the world  :smileyvery-happy:
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