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Re: Consumer Finance Companies

MidnightVoice wrote:
does more for the score than all the fiddling around in the world Smiley Very Happy

And you will definitely get their in time. But what about those people that don't have 10-30 years to get there? A large part of my quality of life is determined by my FICO score. Too many of us use credit for needs and not wants. Money that we don't have because of events beyond our control. I would love lower interest rates for my bigger needs. That would make my life better. This is what I am trying to do. How many people were denied by instant approvals? Was it strictly on their FICO score? In my "opinion" I think "instant denials" work that way. Last year I was repeatedly denied based on credit scores. Score means everything some times, but not in all cases. Getting a car and a house are some of the few exceptions where a lower score doesn't have to stop you. But mostly every thing else that I found "personally" had a FICO score determine my outcome.

I think their should be a few more points on the FICO score for anyone belonging to this Forum. HooHaa! Hehe. But seriously I have done better fiddling than had I not. :-)
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