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Re: Are disputed accounts factored into FICO score?
I wish I could say for sure, but I've really heard it both ways & have no evidence to support that it is or isn't factored in. I've have filed disputes and had a big decrease & later rose back up by the same amount & I've filed many without any scorechange what so ever. Except for a slight increase if something came back in my favor. I'm sure this is why someone hasn't answered yet , because no one wants to mislead you. I would read up on the forums & I'm sure you may find another answer. Is it possible you just recently paid down a lot on creditcard balances? Had some inquiries or a birthday? Maybe even if it was verified it was updated in a way that is seen as less negative. Passably you changed buckets somehow.  Just look a little closer at your reports & post any changes you see& someone can possibly give you some insight.
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