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Re: Help in understanding debt to credit ratio and the effects on scores
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OK, can you go back to the report and click "printable report" or whatever it's called? As best as I can tell, the CL's aren't showing on what you posted here.

A very few lucky people here have managed to post in columns, but the rest of us get what you posted. Instead of copy/paste, could you instead do something like this:

Card A / CL / balance
Card B / CL / balance

We can figure out the util from that. We don't need minimum payments or APR's, unless you're going to ask for advice about paydown tactics.

Also, can you please post the info on the two installment accounts? Account A / original loan amount / current balance, etc.

As for the paydowns that you already did, as best as I can tell, you paid down your installment instead of your revolving debt. Although it's good that it won't show as maxed out, normally installment paydown doesn't help much. The real score improvement comes from paying down revolving (CC) debt.

Hard to tell about score change from the score you had, since it wasn't a FICO, and no one knows what FAKO scoring formulas are looking at. In general, yes, paying down debt helps your scores, although again, you'll get more oomph from paying down CC debt.
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