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Re: Help in understanding debt to credit ratio and the effects on scores

Haulingthescoreup-thank you very much for your help! Everything you said makes perfect sense to me. We found a home this morning that we would love to purchase. So, with that being said-we plan on making sacrifices for the next month or two if needed to get financed. I know that we can get the ratios down and the collections paid. I have been reading the forums and this site and have made so much progress already! Scores did not increase based on fakos this past month, but it is good to have that service for monitoring purposes. Not sure that I want to pull ficos just yet as a mortgage company pulled in Feb a few days before we signed up for the fako and the scores were actually exactly what they pulled for us. We were told to just get the judgment paid and we were good to get qualified, however we want to improve a bit more the get the scores as high as possible before getting financed and also before we obligate. In this economy no one knows what could happen from one day to the next. And we are keeping that in mind. Kudos to you for helping!