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Re: Calculating Average Account Age
My average account age is a negative factor on my report , though they all have different age, My mortgage account was open in 1997, EQ says that is a neg factor. TU has a old paid hospital bill that they say is my oldest account age and it was open in 1999, It is due to drop of in a few months. I guess that will make my oldest account on EQ. It is hard to understand, because when I first took out the mortgage loan, in 97, The Company sold out three years latter and even though it was the same loan, EQ counts the first one. the other counts the new on on 2001. It late I can not think clearly, However, If account age is such a factor. Than why do accounts drop off. I had a account open in 1988 in my name. I have a few accounts in the early 90's at that time I thought paying an account in full was a good thing, So even though I have had a credit history for 29 years. I am only showing 12, or 13. . My loan will be paid off in  29 months. is that going to drop of in 7 years as well. If it does, I will be in trouble, because My identity was stolen,I spent years with only two accounts open, Because I was paying off all of the bad accounts that are now gone, I opened new account to rebuild my credit, where is that going to leave me than with my oldest account age at four years, after three decades of history? I feel as though I am waisting my time, as well as money. I am getting nowhere.    I know, I m confused as well. try to help me please.