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Re: Anyone ever had a Hard Pull Inquiry Removed from their credit report? If so I wanna know
IMO, if you are out of SOL, you have the $$$ to PIF, or you already dealt with this CA via DVs, etc., then there's nothing wrong with sending the non-PP letter. I think they have PP, but I think sending the letter anyway is a good idea. The only time I had that issue was with a CA that had no basis. They deleted in a hurry and removed their inquiry too without me asking.

I think that inquiry damage is WAY overrated. Speaking from experience, I have around 30 something now on EX with 19 from the past 12 months, about 3 on TU, and 20something on EQ with about 10 or so from the past 12 months. I'm a FICO junkie and I always pull my FICO report immediately prior to apping and immediately after just to see if there's a score change and to isolate any change to just the inquiry.

Going from 0 to 3 on TU produced no change in score. EX parted ways with FICO in February and my last 12 or so inquiries were prior to that and resulted in no score change. However, EQ did result in a small drop of 4points for one inquiry. It has been 6+ months since the prev. inquiry but the damage came from approx #21 or #22. Can't remember. This was last December.

In general, most damage occurs when you go from 0 to 1 and 1 to 2, and if your score reaches well into the 700s. Many post that their point loss per inquiry is this or that. Sometimes they base it on a SW alert. That's highly inaccurate. I once got a SW alert for a new inquiry and that my score increase 20 points. Well, the inquiry didn't cause the increase but rather I had a baddie fall of that resulted in the increase. Some have posted about a score decrease, but they are basing it on a score other than a FICO score. And some have posted a decrease of 15+ points, but didn't realize that the new associated account to that inquiry zapped the points out. The only way to accurately guage is to pull reports before and after. BTW, certainly not discounting the damage for some. I have seen some post with super high scores and have hits of 10+ points.