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Re: Anyone ever had a Hard Pull Inquiry Removed from their credit report? If so I wanna know

Thanks Illecs.


The CA who did the five inquiries is not listed on my CR as a collection account. I am back with the OC making payments.  I did fall behind.  So I guess a CA can do an inquiry on you when I got behind. But that many? There has to be other limitations. 


I have had other CA's listed on my report, but ONCE. Not five times.


I am not out of SOL and I only talked to the company one time and I could tell he was looking at my credit report (being  a novice with this crap, i didn't think much of it) but he mentioned to me "well, you paid off $128K mortgage and another $50 K mortgage and loans totalling XXX". I never said anythign to him except I dont' deal with ca's and to not call me anymore. 


I feel this is abuse.  I will elt you know how he responded and if my score changes - up, down or nothing.


I need all the points i can get, so I will try everywhere that I believe has an impact....remember, I need to get my name on the mortgage and I will need to deal with ending my lease in Dec, so the score needs to go up up up. NOt sure if the history will be there by the EOY. I really kinda believe it's going to take me a good 24 months to get the score up. 


I will see what happens because I did send the non pp letter today via CMRR. 


oh, and I only WISH my score was in the 700 club. It's not. 

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