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Re: I love my new score bucket, and I love WFNNB/ J.Crew!

WAY TO GO, HAULING!!!!!:smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy:  A well deserved achievement!!  You learned from your mistakes, purposed to do better and it  has paid off!!


I'm rejoicing with you!!!!  Wowie Zowie!!


I can't wait til I make a similar post.  I've got the CO dropping next year and the PR year after that then I'll finally be free of baddies.  I hope with my new accounts being over a year by the time the CO drops, I'll finally be in your club!! :smileyhappy:


And once I get in that positive bucket, good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I will NOT return to the land of the baddies!!


BIG CONGRATS!!!  :smileyvery-happy:



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