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Re: Equifax FICO and Equifax Score

Smiley HappyMy Equifax score was also much higher when the lender pulled my report, on it says 579 but the lender pulled it and she said it was 602.  I couldnt believ it everyone said it would go down not up.  Also on TU reports my score as 597 but when she pulled it said 640 ish can't remember.  Amazing !!!! She said well the the scoring is a hit and miss with cosumers. Some are coming in lower while others are coming in higher.  She said that the new scoring is benifting people that are working on there credit more or less.  So if you have high scores she is noticing that there scores are going down.  But people with lower scoring are coming in higher for some strange reason.  For the most part any way.  So go figure !! Im happy to see the change we have been working on are credit for the past year and when I saw my scores on I was sad to them still under 600. Eq: 579

                  TU: 597


Lender pulled Eq: 602

                    TU: 640 Smiley Very Happy