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Re: Consumer Finance Companies

Your situation is a similar one to mine. My FICO score is lowered because of a listing of one Consumer Finance co, but I don't know which one they're talking about, which means I don't know how to rectify/improve the situation without knowing which item to address. Any thoughts out there? I need some help on this. Up until now, I didn't even know that there was a distinction between how these listings can effect (poorly, it seems) on my credit score. 


The other matter I need help with is an item listed under "Collection" from a public utility company from 4 yrs ago. I'm assuming it relates to a rental property that I sold 5 months prior to the collection notice. The collection is for 34.00 and it's for one month. Since I was not the owner at the time, I'm guessing that the condo might have sat vacant for that one month. Since it was basically unlisted for that one month, the utility co. decided to go after me. I was unaware of this notice until I checked my reports. What's the best way for me to resolve this issue without it blowing up my credit score or worsening my score or reports. As I've been reading these personal experiences, sometimes it's riskier to correct than to let things float by.  Please advise. It would be greatly appreciated!