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Should all 3 match?
I just pulled all 3 reports and scores.  Equifax is so far fetched from the other 2.  I've done a complete analysis of the entire report and there's a lot of discrepancies in all 3.
For Instance - TU and EX are reporting accounts as closed, while EQ is still reporting them as Open. 
Also, I have 5 medical collections.  All 5 are being reported to EX (3 being reported as paid), 3 to EQ (1 is reported as paid) and 1 to TU (1 is reported as paid).  Would it be wise to send them GW letters to get them to remove?  The 3 that are paid are from 2005 and the 2 unpaid are recent (late 2006, which I intend on paying with a PFD because I never got statements).  I just don't want to open another can of worms and get them extended.
Should I try and contact the bureaus to get all 3 reports to be as similar as possible?  I'm really trying to get it to match my TU report as that's the best score...albeit still low, but higher than the other 2.  Or am I doing more harm than good that way because my TU could now report those other accounts and cause it to go down? 
What do you guys recommend?