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Re: Auto Credit and Scoring
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I will be finished with my car lease 8/10.Currently my FICO score is 604 but it dropped 81 points after Toyota Motor credit mistakenly reported a 30 day credit marker which should be removed within the next 30 days. On 2/2/10 they sent out the correspondent to all 3 CBs of which Experian and TU have removed the marker... Still waiting on Equifax. I suspect that I should get the majority of these points back as the same thing happened to me in 2007 and I received all 80 or so points back when it was removed. That said I was able to get my current lease with a Fico of 650.. My overall credit is much better no late payments for 5yrs 6mos currently. I have owned 2 other vehicles and have never paid any late..I'm suffering from a paid collection Direct TV submitted to my reports 12/9.. lost 22 points on my fico when that happened.. With a FICO potentially hovering around 680, should I be able to leverage a better tier?


By the way my TU-733 and Experian-657.. I live in California and have noticed that many lenders use Experian which is always my lowest score..Is there any way to leverage that 733 when Igo to negotiate.

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