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You are already half way there!
If you can subscribe to you can repair your own credit.  It just takes a little effort on your behalf.  Why pay for someone to type a letter to dispute your discrepencies.  I also don't like giving my personal info to anyone I don't have to.  Think about how personal your credit is and how much information you have to give to a complete stranger.  And IF your INFO was to fall into the wrong hands...  I am not implying that these companies are bad, I am just saying to be cautious.  I heard  of a Mortgage loan officer who was using his clients personal information for his own personal gain.  I am sure there is some one on this thread that can tell you a little about Identity theft!  I have a friend who is using a company and has seen his score go up about 30 points.  I gave him a little of Suze's advise about going to his parents to get a couple of credit cards that they have had for a really long time and add him to the accounts andI think  his credit score should pop soon(spike,go up,).  He is already receiving credit card offers again.  He is just waiting for the end of the month when they report the established accounts on his credit file.  Oh yea I forgot to mention he is 45 years old and his parents in their 70's.  So your never to old to ask for some help!  The agency he is using only charges about $400.00 so the 2k you are thinking about spending seems a little high to me.  But I am not the one with the credit issues.  Its your money and credit so do with it what you like.  Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!