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Re: Citibank Identity Monitor: which score do they provide?
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LilMirth wrote:



From the information that I've been able to find by searching here at myFICO and googling, it appears that they pull Experian & use the Experian Plus score (FAKO). If that's changed, or if anyone has any additional info, hopefully they'll come along and chime in. Smiley Happy




Thanks, that's what I thought.  I already have access to daily pulls of my EX Plus score through my work (because my employers had an HR database backup tape go astray, they say it was encrypted and there's no evidence anybody has used the data to commit ID theft, but to protect us they enrolled every affected employee in the EX monitoring).  From before the data loss incident I was already subscribed to TU Quarterly Monitoring via myfico (which I still am), and from time to time I pull my EQ here at myfico.  And of course I pull my three free reports at  So I don't think this service from CITI would give me anything I don't already have.  Now if it was an actual EX FICO score, then I might consider subscribing since I can't get EX scores here at anymore.


I expect if I call their 800 number the people who answer calls will probably be clueless about the whole issue of FICO versus FAKO scores, different FICO scoring models, Beacon Scores, Transrisk Scores, etc., etc.



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