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Re: Closing Accounts

I have 7 cards.


Beast Buy MC 300/261 bal. 14.99% a/f 59 open 9 months, never late

Beast Buy MC 300/289 bal.  20.99% a/f 59 open 2 years, never late

Capital One 750/740 bal. 14.99% open 9 months, never late

Capital One 500/500 bal 21.99% open 4 years

Hooters 500/500 bal 29.99% a/f 8 billed monthly open 2 years, never late.

HSBC 300/290 bal 14.99% a/f 59 open 1 years

BOA 300/300 bal 12.99% a/f 19 open 2 years. It was originally a secured card. Once I got it unsecured I could never get a CLI. I wanted to "resecure" it so I could get some higher limits going. Suzi keeps telling me that since I don't have any high credit limits, no one will ever give me one.


I'd like to get rid of both best buys, hsbc and hooters. i cant get an CLI on any of them. Plus the interest rate from Hooters is insane. The others will be paid down so my total utilization will be at 50%. In the next 4 months as long as the roof doesn't cave in I will be at zero balances. Once that happens I'd like to combine CL from Capital One.


I'm just trying to make the best out of it. I hate the idea of paying another annual fee, especially to a card that hasn't done me any good.

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