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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score


Student24 wrote:

The score is from Equifax, it says "You don’t have any recent scores from TransUnion"?? Does it make a difference which one it comes from? 


It sounds like you are looking at a myFICO report, where they're gently encouraging you to buy a TU score as well, lol.


If you are looking at an Equifax score and report from myFICO, then you're looking at an EQ FICO score, which is good. Equifax "credit scores" that you get from other credit bureaus and from 3-in-1 monitoring services are FAKO's.


Nearly everyone's FICO scores are different for the three credit bureaus, both because most of us have slightly different info on the three reports, but also because each FICO scoring formula is slightly different from one another.

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