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Re: Trying to understand Fico scoring

My guess is that the TU FICO pulled by your lender was TU04. Unfortunately, we're still stuck with TU98 here. Although they're both FICO scores, the formula is different. That would explain the big drop in the TU score.


Four points on EQ isn't very startling. My score hops up and down with minor changes on my report. And it's possible that your mortgage is not yet showing as a full year old, depending on when it starting showing up, and with what date.


I don't suppose that you have access to the three 2009 reports, do you? If so, do they list the negative factors? There are usually four.


What are the negatives on screen 2 of your current FICO EQ and TU reports? If you're able to compare the befores and afters, that would help. Even without the negatives from the 2009 reports, the current ones are helpful.


Are you allowing balances to report? That is, do you do like a normal person would and let your month's charges report on your statements and then pay in full? That can artificially inflate your revolving util and lower your scores. (Please excuse me if you already addressed this. I'm multi-tasking this morning. :smileytongue:)

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