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Re: Trying to understand Fico scoring

Hi haulingthescoreup,


On current and 2009 reports: Factors lowering your score, You have a serious delinquency (60 days past due or greater) etc. 1 account. (This is now 3 years, 11 months old)

                                                                                                          You have multiple accounts showing missed payments, etc. 2 accounts. (Again, 3 years, 11 months old.)

                                                                                                           You have a consumer finance account on your credit report. 3 accounts.  (HFC, old accounts never delinquent and paid off. 4,5 and 6 years old. This only appears on Equifax report.)


That's it, 3 on Equifax and 2 on Trans Union.


Balances to report? Only the Credit card balance which is now $257.00 reduced from $2,650.00 in last 15 months. Dept. Store card always kept at zero balance.


I suppose 4 points is not much, but I' very surprised my scores did not rise, because of the positive things I'm doing.


Thank you very much.


(I noticed on the above Moderator's tag line, her or his score increased dramatically in last 8 months alone. The link shows she has lowered her credit card amount. That is what I have done, in addition to putting more time between my last late payment and my score drops? )