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Re: Trying to understand Fico scoring

An update:  Today, I pulled my Experian credit report dated Oct. 4, 2010. Same score as 16 months ago, 694. At least it did not go down.


Still wondering why all the positive things I'm doing is not raising my score. Experian said having a mortgage is the best credit. I have been paying on it for 13 months without a late. Please read my original post at top of this tread.


Question: I see Fico is not offering a product from Experian. Is Experian generating Fico scores to lenders etc, or did they stop and only offer Vantage and Plus?


Was Experian offering Fico scores 16 months ago? Since my score is the same, want to try and figure out what model was used for me 16 months ago, as compared to today.


Thank you.