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Re: Trying to understand Fico scoring
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That's what my lender said, that they were all Fico scores. If I understand correctly then, Experian Fico is still available to lenders even though consumers can't access it.


I'm just trying to understand the scoring. If you have read through the thread, you see that all my scores dropped, even though I did positive things. Just can't understand why my scores went down when I believe they should have gone up. It seems  when I call the credit agency's I get someone with limited knowledge and they tell me to call a credit counselor for help. I sure don't need that. Is there a way to escalate my questions with the credit bureau's?


I have 26 year credit history.  Total of 18 accounts, 16 of which are/were perfect. I have 2 old accounts, one 30 days late, the other 60 days late. Both closed. Last late payment was 3 years 10 months ago. I have 2 open accounts, a mortgage now 13 months old with no lates and a credit card with a credit limit of $13,000.00 and a balance of $257.00 and no lates. It was opened in 2006. The balance was $2600.00 16 months ago. I have 1 dept store card open with zero balance. Last inquiry was June 17, 2009. That's it.