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Re: How many point increase should I expect?

Yesterday I received the scores shown below from a lender (I'm considering taking out a small mortgage on my home). These scores would not have been possible without the information and resources I obtained here. Paying attention to my CR has really paid off. One question: I have no mortgage loans or installments loans just credit cards (I've had mortgages in the past but they were paid off when my houses sold, and my current hourse is owned free and clear). If I do take out a small mortgage will this increase my score because of a better credit mix, or hurt it because of the credit inquiry (already happened) but loan?


Thanks and happy holidays to all!!

Starting Score (October 7, 2010): EQ: 698 TU: 709
Interim Score: EQ (October 21, 2010): 714 TU (November 2, 2010): 732
Current Score: EQ (December 22, 2010): 770 TU (December 22, 2010): 787 EX (December 22, 2010 pulled by lender): 778
Goal Score: 800 both