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Re: The MyFICO Forums 12 Step Program (For FICOholics)

Oh this was a great one to start my day off. Too funny, now I know im not alone. haha


Hi my name is radtc99 and im a FICOholic...... my morning routine because im a FICOholic

                                                                                    1.  Get dt mt dew (need caffiene)

                                                                                    1.  Refresh the EX score (i now its FAKO just to see if anything in report has changed)

                                                                                    2.  Next I go to credit karma to see if any thing has changed (ignoring the score)

                                                                                    3.  Then if anything has changed going directly to MYFICO for "the real deal"

                                                                                    4. Then checking my phone wondering why my beloved score watch wont text me with an alert to tell me my score has increased. I think that SW is a tease he enjoys torchering me and making me wait. lol


Starting Score(FEB 10): TU-542(FAKO) EQ-? EX-?
Current Score(04/02/11): TU-665 EQ-644 EX-681
(12/10/10) TU-655 EQ-620 EX-681 (LENDERPULL)
Goal Score(hopefully by DEC 2011): TU-700 EQ-700 EX-700

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