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Re: Closing Aged Accounts.. Yes It Is Ok

Marinevietvet wrote:

MagicShot wrote:

I was wondering if I wanted to help my AAoA in the short term untill my newer account age abit would my wife adding me as an AU on her older accounts help with my AAoA also?

Yes it might help you IF the account is older than any of yours (which you say it is), IF the payment history is long and clean, IF the utilization is very low, and IF it will report to the CRA's. Not all cards will do this. You need to ask the company first. You will inherit the entire history of this account. One caveat however; if this account starts to go south your credit will be affected as well. Keep that in mind.




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If the account for some odd reason started going south, couldnt I just be removed as an AU so it doesnt mess up my profile?