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Re: Lenders see different scores than consumers do


Ledeen wrote:

Ok, I changed my equifax from the 3 in 1 monitor service to scorewatch, but how do I get the Trimerged. This lender used Equifax Mortgage services, since thats what showed up as a hard inquiry when they pulled my scores. Actually they were higher the day he pulled it, since as soon as I paid down my american express blue cash card from 1500 to 111. My score dropped 25 points!


But how do I get the trimerged report they get?

Mortage lenders suscribe to  a  service that   pulls what they call a trimerge that gives you  a beacon 5.0  score for your equifax report , a fico score for Experian which I believe is called Fico Nextgen (someone correct me if am wrong on the nextgen name for  EX)   and  I believe TU04 Fico for Transunion report.  




As a consumer  you can get  2 out of  3 fico scores from here  and you will get the same  Beacon 5.0 from here for  EQ  You will get TU98 not  TU04 from here and  as has already been touched you are not able to  get  your EX score from here.   


FICO scores are what are used  industry wide   getting scores from other sources  other than those listed above and by other posters  will surely  cause you to see disecrepancies  and  you are definitely comparing proverbial apples to oranges