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Re: Lenders see different scores than consumers do

Ditto, OP. There isn't such a product. Experian wanted to push their own fake scores via their website and they blocked consumer access to your EX FICO score. Now you can get it from your lender and at least a couple of other sources, but we can't pull it on our own (Experian Smiley Mad ). At one point we could pull the exact same scores that lenders use via this website, but that went away a couple of years ago.


The only way you can get a tri-merge report is via your lender. You can pull your EQ FICO from here (Beacon 5.0 as mentioned) and you can pull your TU FICO from here. There are a couple of TU FICO versions being used by lenders and one is on this website. The other cannot be pulled by consumers (TU04). Finally, and a slight correction, the EX FICO is called a Fair Isaac Risk Score v2 and that used to be sold on here and most all lenders use it. Nexgen (Nextgen?) is a non-Classic FICO that really isn't used in mortgage lending. Alliant CU used to offer it.