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Re: Shouldn't TU98 be a FAKO?
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I don't think the mods have any say. They only moderate for conduct and materials on here. I'm a 'Super Moderator' for a major forum and we do not have much say in the site itself. Our job is solely to moderate discussions.


However, I would think the owner of Myfico as I mentioned before would be more aggravated by that since it's their reputation at stake. The importance of knowing one's true score has become more and more relevant since the tightening of the credit industry. If we want to do things right, we need the right information to see if we're progressing or not. At least that's my take.


Personally I would love to be able to get all my reports and true scores so I can tap myself on the shoulders for a job well done in rebuilding.Right now it's like walking on thin ice apart from EQ since the EQ score on here is spot on the one that lenders pull.


As for Experian's situation, it's like going to court and not knowing what you're being charged for. In a perfect world where the consumer is truly protected, we would have told EX to take a hike and not use them at all until they make their FICO available to the public at a cost of course. Would it kill them? Of course not, it's just the leeway the law gives them to withheld any information they see fit even though it concerns your future. A familiar expression comes to mind --- They have us by the b***s


I have said it before, these kind of activites need to be monitored by a governing body for our sake at the federal level so we the people don't get abused.