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Re: ationRe: Shouldn't TU98 be a FAKO?

This is the ultimate topic for consumer protection. I'm very surprised that the Consumer Protection Agencies are not jumping on this. Imagine consumers all over paying money sometimes for years to get their scores so they can improve or increae their bargaining power only ot find out that they were wrong all along?.


The worst part you might ask? The CRA's themselves selling FAKOS on their own website. Not to mention banks all over the nation selling their own style of credit monitoring. As a consumer I think I deserve to have full power over whats going to affect my life creditwise.


I really encourage myFICO to take a good look at that and since the Fair Isaac formula rules the lives of millions, give us the consumer a chance in having control over our credit future. Making payments on time and having the right kind of accounts doesnt cut it anymore, we need more. We need 100% guarantee that we are doing the right thing and FAKO only gives us a fake sense of reality.


If EX says they don't want to provide their FICO, I say why should we use them then? Does EX not trust us enough as adults? Or do they love the power they have granted by the Govt? It's pretty ballzy for a CRA to tell people, 'We own you and we don't owe you any explanation whatsoever so live with it'


A FAKO should be plain illegal and charging people for wrongful information should be illegal.


Going back to TU04, I really do hope that myFICO will dump TU98 and offer TU04. Don't make it about the money guys, make it about integrity serving your customers who have put a lot of trust in you.