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Re: TU98 vs. TU04 and FICO/FAKO

I just found and read your thread.  Hoping for more info like that.  I'm not concerned with the score from Vantage or TransRisk or whatever being the same number as a FICO score.  As has been said many times, they are different scoring models and aren't even on the same scales.  Making something out of the fact that they are close to the same number every once in a while is a little like finding it interesting when it is the same temperature Celsius as it is Fahrenheit (realizing I haven't written that word since high school and that I probably spelled it incorrectly).


TU98 and TU04 are at least on the same scale.  So you can make more meaningful comparisons between the absolute numbers.  But I wonder how wide a disparity is seen.  I don't know personally because the only TU score I have access to is the one I bought here.


If it's a much narrower window for most people, then it isn't as big of a deal.  And the more we can figure out about predictable differences in the weighting of the factors, the more useful TU98 would be for people.  But if it's common to see 30 point differences between the two TU scoring models, then we might as well call TU98 a FAKO.   

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