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Re: TU98 vs. TU04 and FICO/FAKO

Booner72 wrote:

It would be interesting to see if they continue to be 13 points apart.  I believe my LO is going to pull credit again before closing.  I'll come here and pull another TU98 and see if it stays 13 points apart.  My guess, it won't.  It will be more or less.


It would be good if more people could pull their TU98 after they get scores from a lender and make the comparison.  But it is a spendy thing to do.  Nobody has 20 bucks to just throw around for the sake of figuring out a scoring difference when they are in the middle of a big purchase like a house or a car.

Agreed.  It would be nice if we had some more data points for people that happen to know both.  For instance, people who pulled TU and EQ here before going into a mortgage app to see where they stood and then pulled soon thereafter when they applied for the mortgage.  But I wouldn't recommend anyone spending the extra $20 to satisfy my curiosity or engage in this very unscientific attempt at a correlation. 


My main concern is that people bash on FAKO all the time because it's not what lender's see.  We tell people that your FICO score is what really matters.  And while the information is certainly out there that TU98 isn't the most up to date version of TU, that often gets glossed over.  So a person who comes over here, finally thinks they've figured out to stop wasting energy worrying about FAKOs, goes and spends money to see their TU score, only to find out later that it may be unreliable as well. 

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