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Re: TU98 vs. TU04 and FICO/FAKO

tombking wrote:

Has anyone had TU 04 be higher than TU 98?   I'm wondering if we can figure out any patterns.

As far as figuring out patterns, llecs posted some helpful info on this thread:  


I don't think anyone can accurately describe the key differences between both versions. Info is vague from FICO and we don't have access to TU04 to do a daily, weekly, or monthly comparison. It's my understanding they added bucket(s), changed how inquiries are duplicated (auto & mortgage), they treat lates a bit differently and scores on trending a bit more, and treats NPSL and HELOCs a bit differently per util. All this info is available on FICO's website via webinars, docs, etc.


That being said, my TU 04 and TU 98 were off by 11 points, as were DH's.  (I don't remember which was higher for us, though - sorry).  However, it's important to note that folks have widely varying spreads.  There are so many variables and constantly moving targets in FICO scores that it's very difficult to decipher and untangle not just a single pattern, but the myriad factors comingling within a single FICO score.  (Sort of like me trying to decipher the thinking in my teenage son's brain cells Smiley Indifferent)

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