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Re: TU98 vs. TU04 and FICO/FAKO

Understood.  I highly doubt you would find any kind of correlation that said your TU98 would always be 12 points lower than your TU04 or vice versa.  If so, it would be an awfully stupid endeavor to create a new formula.


But it would be interesting to know if the two were always within 15 points of each other one way or the other for 95% of people or something like that.  Or if you could say that for profiles that do not have AU accounts, they are closer, or for profiles that do not have charge cards, they are closer. 


But I say if the spread is in the 30 point range, then we might was well start calling TU98 a FAKO.  Unless, of course, there are a significant number of lenders still using this model.

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