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Re: Delinquent And Positive Closed Account Questions

fico64 wrote:

One last question, how can I obtain an Experian Fico Score?


Not looking for a generic score, I want to see my Experian Fico Score that most lenders use. Until recently, we could order their score from this site.


Thank you.

As of 2+ years ago, Experian blocked consumer access to your FICO score, though you can get it from your lender at the cost of a hard pull. There is at least one CU out there (and I'm sure more) that offer your EX FICO as part of a service. PSECU is one. There are other CUs out there that pull EX and will give you your EX FICO on an annual, semi-annual basis if you ask for it. And you can get your EX FICO if you applied for a credit product and your EX FICO was used in consideration of the decision.