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Re: Delinquent And Positive Closed Account Questions

llecs wrote:

fico64 wrote:

One last question, how can I obtain an Experian Fico Score?


Not looking for a generic score, I want to see my Experian Fico Score that most lenders use. Until recently, we could order their score from this site.


Thank you.

As of 2+ years ago, Experian blocked consumer access to your FICO score, though you can get it from your lender at the cost of a hard pull. There is at least one CU out there (and I'm sure more) that offer your EX FICO as part of a service. PSECU is one. There are other CUs out there that pull EX and will give you your EX FICO on an annual, semi-annual basis if you ask for it. And you can get your EX FICO if you applied for a credit product and your EX FICO was used in consideration of the decision.

Thanks. What is your experience if you know, is Experian score liberal or conservative as compared to Fico model score? What is PSECU?


Seems to me, it is unfair to block access to Fico score. Most lenders use Fico score. Consumers should be allowed to see what their creditors see.