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Re: How much will new accounts impact score & for how long?

mydogsrock wrote:

Does AAoA include AU accounts as well?  I have 4 AmEx cards dating back to 1989 and several accounts that dates between 2000 and 2006, all as AU.  Except for AmEx Accolades, all my new cards have .$10k CL.  I haven't activated a Chase card that has $6k CL.

Yes it does. Your AAoA is the sum of the ages of every account (except CA collections and public records) on your report, whether open or closed, calculated in months, divided by the number of accounts and then divided by 12. I use the division by 12 to make it easier to convert into years. This is measured from the time each account was opened until present.

You’ll need to figure the age of each account, open or closed, on each report. If all three reports are identical (very unlikely), you're in luck; otherwise, you'll need to run this for each report.




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