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Re: How much will new accounts impact score & for how long?

mydogsrock wrote:

Does AAoA include AU accounts as well?  I have 4 AmEx cards dating back to 1989 and several accounts that dates between 2000 and 2006, all as AU.  Except for AmEx Accolades, all my new cards have .$10k CL.  I haven't activated a Chase card that has $6k CL.

Yup, AU counts in your AAoA.  Looks like you have really nice CLs!  Definitely going to help your utilization ration.


I'm sure you already know how to calculate AAoA, but if you don't here's a quick formula.


(Age of all accounts combined, in months) divided by (total number of accounts) divided by 12.  The last part -- division by 12 -- converts AAoA from months to years.


Also, the Chase card account is already open regardless of if you activate your card (although they may close the account if you never activate the card) so your AAoA and Util will be reported soon.

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