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Re: Judgment ?

poops wrote:

I just pulled my free EQ credit report from and saw that the only major baddie (a Judgment from 2005) was not listed. The judgment's DOFD was 2/2005. I thought it was not going to come off till next month - 2/2012. Pleasant surprise...


I would like to see how this removal has affected my FICO EQ score. Do you think if I pull a Myfico EQ report/score, I will see the same judgment no longer listed? Do and myfico look at the same data/source for information?


Thanks in advance for all insight.

If you pulled all three reports from and it is no longer showing on any of those reports then it should not be showing on any report you pull through MYFICO. 


Negative information can stay on your reports for 7 - 7 1/2 years depending on the negative and sometimes as long as 10 years. The key to remember is that "it can stay" for that long but it may not stay for that long. Most of the CRA's drop a little early but not always so YMMV.


Same thing holds true on positive accounts, It can stay on report positively for up to 10 years and sometimes it stays on even longer. The key is still "it can stay" for that long but it may not.

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