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Re: Vantagescore or FICO? myFICO TU gives me 686 out of 850, but TU main site gives me 696 out of 99

pizzadude wrote:

mashumk wrote:

Also, the TU site says this when I first log in


" TransUnion Credit Monitoring is pleased to feature VantageScore, the only credit score used by all three national credit bureaus. "


So I'm a newbie to all this and confused which source I should use for my scoring. MYFICO says my TU score is "Good" but TU gives me a "D" failing grade.


Both reports have same items.


Which is what and where is which what how huh?


Note that they mention that it is used by credit bureaus, not used by creditors.    FICO scoring is used by almost all lenders.

Not only "used by" all 3 CBs, but IIRC it was invented by them, wasn't it, as a competitor to FICO?


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