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Re: It is so irritating when the lender doesn't know which version of the score used!

Thanks P.


She ended up calling saying I needed to come back in and resign, she screwed something up.  I never did get a hard hit from this either.  (Went to EQ today and it's not there, nor did I get a SW report).


The thing is, I'm now thinking I shouldn't even open this card due to the new credit hit.  I already have a CU Visa w/ a 300 limit and they say I can get a reconsideration for a CLI in Feb.


This CU says 6 months and keep my balances low or zero and I can go up past 1000.00.


So what should I do?  Keep the one I have that aged since August, or close it (Contingency of the new one), and get this one w/ the better limit?    (I know closing won't hurt).


I think a 1000.00 limit is better for my credit profile and limits obviously.  But shouldn't I just wait and keep what I have?  IDK.  Any advice appreciated.

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