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kshew97 wrote:
I belong to, and also use to monitor my reports. I believe MyFico lists a true FICO (now showing 678) and Equifax lists FAKO (now showing 622). Is it possible for your FAKO to be lower than your FICO?? Which one of these numbers will creditors see? My score is actually higher, but one account is in dispute and the OC admitted to reporting a 90 day late in error and are updating now, but I am don't think I have ever seen FICO higher than FAKO.

Hello and welcome.


There is no way to know what direction a FICO score will go as compared to a FAKO score. So it really doesn't matter which one is higher or lower. My advice is to ignore all FAKO's all the time. To do otherwise is an exercise in futility.


As far as Equifax you can get both FICO and FAKO scores there so you have to be very careful. The EQ FICO score from their website is the same Beacon 5.0 version found here at myFICO. That Equifax FICO score can be found here:


But Equifax also sells their own "Equifax Credit Score" but this is not a FICO score. That's why I say you have to be very careful what you buy there.




From a BK years ago to:
EX - 3/11 pulled by lender- 835, EQ - 2/11-816, TU - 2/11-782

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