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Re: Authorized Users and Credit Scoring?

poops wrote:

What happens if the AU is removed from the CC by the owner of the card? Does the account info still appear on the AU's CR after being removed from the account?

This actually happened to me. When my uncle removed me as an AU to his AMEX it was removed from EX, but EQ and TU, which is why my EX score is lower than my two other scores. I wasn't really sure what the "right" procedure was for this, so I called AMEX and asked why it was no longer reporting on EX, but was still on TU and EQ. They said, "Oh, I'm so sorry sir, we will remove it from TU and EQ by next week." My heart skipped a beat and I yelled NO!!! I want it to report!! I  just wanted it to also report on EX. She said "No, we cann't do that, but I will keep it on you TU and EQ. I just want you to keep in mind that this is being incorrectly reported". 


Thank god my uncle was willing to put me back on.

Scores: EX: 793 EQ: 804 TU: 801