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Re: Authorized Users and Credit Scoring?

RobertEG wrote:

The trained eye would have to be able to calculate a FICO score, excluding the AU information.

Not even trained eyes have access to the proprietary FICO scoring algorithm, so no score could be produced.

Sure, one could view the CR and guess at the outcome, but then the entire FICO score becomes meaningless.


It could be said though that if one were to extract any AU and joint impact from the credit picture, one would put into doubt the ability of FICO to take into account such a factor, and where does it stop?

What if I fell behind paying the mortgage by myself and wasn't qualified for extra credit cards? What if DW likewise? Would such an individuality be any more realistic? The entire FICO score becomes meaningless.

Inspired by the intent to isolate, I looked into what my score would be without the AU cards provided by DW and also what her score would be without the AU cards provided to her by me.

It's highly unscientific, but I dusted off my own informal mini FICO toy approximator, a script that I once wrote to see how close I could get to what the EQ algorithm spits out.

It would appear I would lose ~10 points, due to her old Amex account, and she would gain ~5. No call for breaking up, we were married and had shared income already then.

The question is if we are fuller individuals when isolated or when sharing. Where would modern civilization be if not for interacting with each other? Would there be any Fair Isaac Corporation?