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Re: Differences between scoring
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ktlynn_74 wrote:

I am trying to raise my score to qualify for a mortgage.  My lender has told me they use three scores to score my TU report:


Classic 2004 FICO

Fair Issac Score

What is the difference between these?  I can't find much information on these?

A bit lost in translation here:


"Beacon" = EQ Beacon 5.0 = The score sold here as your EQ FICO


"Classic 2004 FICO" = TU FICO Classic 04 = A later version than TU FICO Classic 98 sold here


"Fair Issac Score" = EX Fair Issac II = The one you used to be able to get here as your EX FICO


These are the normal 3 scores used for a mortgage and it would be very unusual for them to use anything else. If you are sure that your reports from each CRA (EQ, TU, EX) are similar then probably the best way to start is by pulling your EQ FICO from here. That will give you at least one score you can count on to be exactly correct and you can assume the others will be close.