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Monthly Payment on EX reports...should be $0...not
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I noticed that my EX report shows positive values in the Monthly Payment field for many (5) accounts that have a zero balance and thus no monthly payment.  These accounts have all reported multiple consecutive zero balance statements in a row.  But for some reason, EX seems to be using the minimum payment as it appeared on my last non-zero balance statement (from months ago).  Most of them are really low, but added together, they inflate my total monthly payments by over 10%.


If the behavior does in fact follow the rules I've observed, the only way that I can get them to go down is to allow a $1 balance to report on a future statement.  So that will make the impact on my "Monthly Payments" total negligible, but I still don't like this.  I'm a bit OCD about some things and my credit is one of them, so this really bothers me.  Also, I'll be applying for a mortgage at some point and I shouldn't have this affecting my DTI, even if it is a really small amount.


Has anybody else noticed this?  I'm surprised that I couldn't find anything on here already.  But I guess, given the "less than good" (<-generous) search function of this site, I shouldn't be.  Any suggestions.


And I'll throw in my feel good story for today,  I got approved for a $15k Pen Fed Rewards card 9.9% variable today.  It's my biggest ever, by quite a bit.  Yeay me!