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Re: The MyFICO Forums 12 Step Program (For FICOholics)

BigDaddy18 wrote:

I'm one of these guys too!


Hey I have a serious question though.  Does anyone know of any stat's on whether or not statisticly if you have say one score with one credit agency i.e. Equifax whether or not the other two are typically higher or lower than that particular one?  I think that would a great new survey or analysis we should conduct?  Can someone set that up?


Big Daddy!

It can't be measured with any seriousness. That's because not all 3 reports are alike. They all differ slightly. Most of us have TLs reporting on one and not the others. Inquiries won't match all 3. Also, all 3 CRAs will not be updated at the same time. For most of us, EX is the fastest at updating balances than TU, so naturally the figures would be skewed. And within each TL, moreso for baddies, the reporting can be off, including dates. Finally, all 3 FICOs vary per the formula, so you'll never have matching scores even if 100% precise and exact among all 3.