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Re: Lenders see different scores than consumers do

llecs wrote:

nrc2112 wrote:
The difference between what you pAy for here and what lenders pull in points can be 100 point difference. If you pay for your fico score here you are throwing money away.

IME it's spot on. The EQ FICO pulled from here will most always match the EQ FICO used by your mortgage lender. It's the same formula almost all lenders use. The TU FICO on here may or may not match. YMMV. For some it does match, and for most it will not. The version used by most mortgage lenders will not match. But again, YMMV. The last loan I got outside of the mortgage was the same TU98 version as found on here.


If your difference was 100 pts off, then that's quite a bit. If you experienced that, the difference could be due to not pulling on the same day. Scores can change daily. If pulled the same day, then the score you first pulled might not be a FICO score, and comparing a FICO to a non-FICO can result in 100 pts or more when compared the same day.

When is myfico going to update to TU04

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