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Re: those with credit scores near or over 720

freeneasy2001 wrote:

For those with credit scores around 720 or above.  Congratulations.   My Transunion and Equifax credit scores are 705 and 702 respectively.  So im on the right trail i believe in joining the club.



My question for this group is how many dings do you have on your credit report, and what type are they?


Personally i have three late pays 60 days or more, 1 collection, 1 inquiry in the last year, So by knowing whats on your report on a summary levell, hopefully i can guage how close i am to making this 15 point increase in my two FICO scores.    Any help you would give me would be appreciated. 



My report is clean.  DW's  one accoutn with 60 day late (5 years old) 

My Starting Score: EQ: 691 (11/30/11) TU98: 726 (11/30/11)
My Current Score: EQ: 779 (04/22/13) TU08: 835 (06/03/13)
DW Starting Score: EQ: 742 (03/02/12) TU98: 748 (03/02/12)
DW Current Score: EQ: 784 (03/11/13) TU08: 775 (06/03/13)