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Re: those with credit scores near or over 720

TNTransplant wrote:

tcbofade wrote: 

That is a GREAT post, but somehow, it doesn't seem to apply to me.


I have both a "clean" and a "thick" file on all three cr's.


(no baddies, no lates...45 accounts listed)


I'm stuck in the low 600's due mostly (I think) to utilization.

I think you are exactly right - high utilization is a killer to good scores.


My credit profile is very close to yours (60+ accounts, no baddies, no lates, AAoA around 5 yrs, etc.).  I started out in Jan '12 with scores in the mid 600s and an overall utilization on my revolving debt of around 80%.  I am currently down to about 50% overall utilization, and my scores are now high 600s (EQ - 680 and TU - 699).



Thank you for your opinion...I too started out around 80% and am down to 61%....and hope to see the high 600s when I get under that magic 50% line...  :smileyhappy:

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