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Re: those with credit scores near or over 720

a new equifax credit report has bumped my score from 702 to 79 as the result of 1.  removal of one inquiry (more than one year old),  2 the removal of a paid collection from 2005, and 3 the removal of 2 derrogatories being a student loan currently having an unpaid balance of approximately 60% of the initial balance (i knew i shouldnt have cosigned my sons loan, and 3 removal ofa derrogatory from 2007 which was also paid.


Now im left with one student loan also having a balance of 60% of the original loan and one collection scheduled for removal in the summer of 2013.  I have no inquiries still on m;y equifax file, and just one on my experian record to be removed in august of this year.


In additional my utilization is under 1% from the balance on one major credit card.  Since I will have to take out a loan next spring or summer for a car loan, im seeking to have no more credit inquiries until that time.


im hoping that they ll remove my current student loan derrogatory, since that same private student loan company removed a derrogatory in March, 2012.  Large payments will leave both student loans fullly paid off by the end of 2012  (good riddens).


while my 709 equifax score is from a new report, perhaps my transunion score will increase accordingly, similar to the 7 pt. increase by equifax.   Im hoping it wont be long until m;y fico scores are in the 720 range.

Starting Score: 734
Current Score: 850 Equ, 846 Exp
Goal Score: 850